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Ensuring your child’s healthy vision is one of the most important things we do. To guarantee your child’s vision is protected, regular eye exams are necessary to determine overall visual health and assess the risk of future eye conditions and disease. With the help of our Pediatric Team, Dr. Melissa Shipley, MD, FAAP and Dr. Hilary Cox, OD, we can detect vision problems early and begin working towards a solution for your child as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment.

Pediatrics and Strabismus FAQs

Will my child’s eyes be dilated at our first appointment?

Yes, dilation of the eyes is part of the complete eye examination in children. The pupils will remain large for several hours after the exam, and sometimes until the next day.

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“All my life, I’ve had an issue with double vision and a noticeable lazy eye. I just kind of put up with it because I’ve heard that this condition in adults was not able to be corrected. Recently, I heard from a friend about Dr. Melissa Shipley who was very experienced in correcting this issue even in adults. I’m happy to say I had the surgery done and my eyes are perfect aligned and NO DOUBLE VISON! It’s still so new but has really changed my life over night and given me a new confidence in myself. Also Dr. Cox was a great help during the recovery process. If you are an adult with a similar issues as me, go see Dr. Shipley! Completely satisfied!”

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