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A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s natural lens, which helps focus light on the retina to produce an image. When light passes through a clouded lens, the image you see will be blurred. A cataract can be the reason sharp images are out of focus, bright colors become dull, or seeing at night is more difficult. It may also be why the reading glasses or bifocals that once helped you read, or do other simple tasks, no longer seem to help.

During a consultation at Wilmington Eye, one of our exceptionally skilled physicians will be happy to help you determine the procedure that is right for your eyes. With the latest diagnostic tools and the experience that comes with being an area leader in cataract surgery and other forms of eye care, our surgeons deliver superior results. Our office is proud to welcome patients from Wilmington as well as Myrtle Beach, New Bern, Jacksonville, and elsewhere in eastern North and South Carolina. To learn more about cataract surgery with Lifestyle IOLs, schedule your consultation today.

Normal eye versus eye with a cataract

When the quality of your vision begins to put limits on your activities and enjoyment of life, it may be time for cataract surgery. When you undergo cataract surgery, we remove the cataract and replace it with an artificial lens. By removing the cataract and replacing it with an artificial lens, your vision and quality of life may significantly improve. With the use of the latest technologies, our experienced cataract surgeons Kathleen C. Leone, MD, FACS, Matej Polomsky, MD, Christopher Covington, DO, Travis Jenkins, MD, Robert van der Vaart, MD, and Samantha Watson, MD deliver outstanding outcomes. Thanks to the state-of-the-art approach to cataract surgery at Wilmington Eye, our patients have experienced a dramatic improvement in both their vision and their quality of life.

During cataract surgery, your surgeon will make two small incisions on the side of the cornea, the clear, dome-shaped surface that covers the front of the eye. After making these incisions, they’ll construct a small circular opening in the membrane around the cataract. This is called a capsulorhexis. Your surgeon will then insert a tiny probe that emits ultrasound waves to soften and break up the clouded lens so that it can be removed by suction, known as phacoemulsification. Once the cataract is removed, an intraocular lens implant (IOL) will be inserted in the same tiny incision, unfolded, and set into place.

Cataract surgery has had a major technical advancement develop over the past couple of years. In 2012, the femtosecond laser bladeless cataract procedure was FDA approved. As a practice, we are and always have been, dedicated to state of the art eye care for our patients. We are continually looking for better ways to serve our patients and deliver the visual outcomes you demand. So we are especially pleased to announce that our practice now utilizes the most technologically advanced option for cataract surgery—the femtosecond laser. The femtosecond laser revolutionizes the way cataract surgery is performed.

The femtosecond laser is an advanced, precision-based technology that operates with unmatched accuracy and computer control, helping your surgeon customize the procedure for your eye. It is unquestionably the most technologically advanced option for cataract patients to be developed in the past decade. Choosing femtosecond laser-assisted refractive cataract surgery can provide the benefits of a blade-free approach and a full range of vision when combined with a multifocal lens implant.

Each visitor to Wilmington Eye receives the latest cataract surgery information as well as the thorough care and attention they expect from the area’s foremost ophthalmology practice. To learn more about cataract surgery and how it may benefit you, contact our office today for an informative consultation.

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“With my first eye, I noticed the next day the vibrant colors! I didn’t realize that my vision had gotten so bad. It’s only been a week out from my second eye and my vision is 100%! I’m a retired nurse so I’ve witnessed cataract surgery a long time ago and I knew that it was kind of a big deal. But this was the easiest thing I have ever been through.”

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