If you are interested in being fitted for contacts, you will need to call ahead and schedule an appointment. We recommend getting your glasses and contacts at the same time. Speak to one of our team members to schedule your appointment today.

Glasses for Every Need and Budget

We want your glasses to fit your needs and budget. Additionally, if your insurance plan isn’t within our network, we will offer you 20% off and you can still file a claim with your insurance. Call Wilmington Eye to learn more about our available special packages and discounts.

  • Basic Glasses / 1-year warranty
  • Custom glasses / 2-year warranty
  • $99 basic lens + frame package
  • $299 progressive lens package (progressive lens + frame)
  • Military, AARP, AAA discounts

Additional notes:

  • Our basic glasses come with a 1-year warranty. Our custom glasses (custom lenses) come with a 2-year warranty.
  • We will replace the nose pads, screws or make adjustments on your glasses free-of-charge.
  • We offer a $99 basic lens + frame package – these glasses typically arrive the next business day.
  • We also offer a $299 progressive lens package (progressive lens + frames) – both of these lens packages come with a 1-year warranty.
  • It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to become accustomed to a progressive or bifocal lens. If you’ve worn them a few days and still don’t feel comfortable, please come back for a recheck.
  • We constantly keep up with the latest fashion trends. We have a wide variety of frames that change frequently to make sure that we’re offering the best selection.
  • If your frames are still good, but your prescription changed, we may be able to accommodate you and save you money by reusing your frames and fitting them with new lenses. You’ll need to sign a waiver.
  • We also offer discounts for military, AARP, and AAA