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Pediatric Eye CarePediatric care is one of the most important services the experienced physicians at Wilmington Eye provide. This is reflected in their dedication to detecting potentially troubling vision problems as early as possible.

If you are concerned that your child may have a significant vision problem, a detailed consultation will address these issues and help you determine which treatments or services might be appropriate

To meet with Dr. Cox to discuss your child’s vision, contact Wilmington Eye today to schedule a consultation.

Thorough Eye Exams / Early Detection

Vision problems can cause difficulties throughout your child’s life. These issues can be social and educational and can affect a person through adulthood. Wilmington Eye provides the quality eye exams necessary to detect problems early so that you and our team can begin to work toward a solution for your child as soon as possible.

Strabismus Care

Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes are crossed, turned outward, or vertically misaligned. A child with strabismus may have trouble reading due to impaired vision, experience difficulties in social situations because of seemingly indirect eye contact, and be made fun of by peers because of the stigma associated with crossed eyes and other forms of strabismus. At Wilmington Eye, our physicians utilize the latest strabismus treatments to help both children and adults achieve improved vision and a better cosmetic appearance.

Congenital Ocular Disorders

At Wilmington Eye, our eye care specialists are proud to offer early treatment for congenital ocular disorders in children. These treatments ensure that vision problems present at birth are addressed as early as possible so that children are given the best chance of having the healthiest possible vision.

A Consultation at Wilmington Eye

During a consultation at Wilmington Eye, our physicians will provide your child with a thorough eye exam to determine overall visual health and assess the risk of future eye conditions or disease. With the help of the latest diagnostic tools and a team of exceptionally well-trained ophthalmologists, you can relax knowing that your child is receiving care from Wilmington Eye, an area leader in ophthalmology. To schedule a screening, simply contact our office today.

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