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April 2017

Dr. Leone,

You fixed my right eye 4 weeks ago. My vision is as good as it was when I was 12. Thank you so very much, you did a wonderful job! I come from a long line of medical doctors since the 1750s (from what we can find out). Having lived a privileged life, I never realized until about 3 years ago when I needed urgent medical care, what a special breed of people doctors are. They have to be on top of their game everyday, as it is a matter of life and death in some cases. Vision or blindness, you name it. A doctor can never slack off. I am ashamed of just now realizing this in the past few years. It is too late to tell my dad how proud I am of him working day and night delivering babies and taking care of his large practice. Making house calls day in and day out. Office hours every afternoon in his medical facility 6 days a week (many times 7 days a week). Plus, running a pharmacy that my mother worked in. In my mind success was going into business and making as much money as I could. A big house, toys, etc. But that is nothing. Whatever I do has no life shattering consequences, everything can always be corrected, it may just cost extra time or money. I see you bouncing around from exam room to exam room, always on the move. You preformed 11 surgeries on the day you operated on me. Thank you Dr. Leone. I am deeply humbled and I salute you.


October 2015

The bad news…I had cataracts in both eyes.
The GOOD news……Dr. Covington at Wilmington Eye was the surgeon to take them out.
MORE good news……it was one of the most positive health experiences I have known in my 63 years.

Even though cataract surgery has come a long way, it’s still “SURGERY” and I’m talking about my “EYES”. From the very beginning, starting with the appointment, scheduling, surgery and post surgery, Wilmington Eye, no doubt, was a top notch facility! Dr. Covington is not only a skilled surgeon but a personable and caring man. He not only has received MY highest praises but also those that work with him everyday. All in all, a win, win situation….or maybe I should say, a 20/20 experience.



August 2015

This is the second cataract surgery I have had within the last month. Dr. Covington and the entire staff have been most helpful, polite and professional. I feel all of my questions have been answered and reassuring. From the minute I check in to be seen, the entire staff has been courteous and welcoming. I would highly recommend Dr. Covington and his staff!



Dear Dr. Brigman:

Thank you so much for the freedom you have given me – freedom from fifty-plus years of dependence on thick glasses and aggravating contacts.

As you know, I wanted my cataract surgeries to duplicate the mono vision I’d achieved with contacts – using one eye for reading and one for distance without the added expense of multifocal implanted lenses. I knew exactly what I wanted to be able to do without glasses and challenged you to convey that to my surgeon Dr. Kathleen Leone.

The first thing you did was listen (which doesn’t always happen when seniors talk). You understood and grasped my needs and wishes and worked diligently to get the formula just right. Your abilities combined with Dr. Leone’s surgical skills and laser correction for astigmatism achieved results even beyond my very high expectations.

I now have the reading glasses and computer glasses I asked you to prescribe for me but find I’m not using them. I just don’t need them! I can perform every part of my active, busy life dependent on nothing but a pair of sunglasses when I head outside.

You and Dr. Leone are a great team – my heroes!


Norma E.”

(Dr. Sara Brigman is a very experienced optometrist in Wilmington)


“Although I was nervous going in, I’ve had a positive experience. The staff was helpful and I am absolutely thrilled with my results! I can read and I can see the flight of a golf ball down the fairway!”

Ellen Johnson, Restor Lifestyle Lens Patient

“If there is one word to describe Dr. Leone it would have to be dynamic. She just exudes confidence in her abilities and conveys that exact feeling to her patient, both for the surgery and the outcome to expect. My surgery was a cataract removal with intraocular lens implant , from which I now have 20/25 vision, that is expected to get better. I have not worn glasses since and it feels terrific to be able to read a menu in dim light, or directions on a bottle etc. I have no reservations regarding referrals to my family and friends, I have every confidence in Dr. Leone’s skills as a surgeon and doctor.”

J. Lawrence

Dear Dr. Leone,

I just wanted to thank you so much for restoring my eye sight! It’s a miracle!
I am driving at night again, I can chop vegetables without fear of losing a finger, the newspaper and my Kindle are BOLD PRINT again! Wow! I can see leaves, read clocks, put on make-up, sit and watch TV (rather than standing close to the set) and all sorts of other things (Oh, yes, I can see dirt, dust, & cob webs- is that the downside??).

Dianna C.

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